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* PEPPOL compliant

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You’re serious about your data.

We are too.

We are a group of developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs that came together and developed a simple data extraction solution to pull data from digitally native invoices and automate accounts payable operations.

Advantages of using invoice data extraction

Based on internal user research we did with our customers, we have identified that there is a real need for accounting departments to make the data entry process more productive. As such, the need for SMEs to start automating tasks like invoice processing is evident.
Accuracy of data

Automation of data extraction from invoices can eliminate many of the human errors caused by fatigue or oversight.

Centralization of data

The data captured by the extractor can be stored in a centralized location and therefore will be accessible to all stakeholders of the company.

Time savings

Manual invoice reading is time-consuming, and automation can save much of the time spent by employees in mundane repetitive activities.

Security of data

The possibility of introducing checks at various levels of the automation process initiated by the invoice extractor can enhance data security.

Employee reorientation

The time saved by the employee can be rerouted to productive tasks that can enhance their skillset and the company’s bottom line.


An automated invoice data extraction system will streamline the accounting process, leading to scale-up enhancements.

Get in touch and start using Extractional within 24 hours. We offer a free trial and a simple installation procedure via Docker container.

Extractional, our data extraction solution

Having talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives over the years we have identified a growing frustration building towards complex AI-powered, OCR-enabled, subscription-based cloud solutions. It turns out that for many SMEs a simple, no-nonsense, data extraction for digitally native invoices is all they need. So we delivered exactly that.

Extract data from digitally native invoices

One important financial document that is common to all businesses is the invoice. The larger the business, the more invoices it receives. Nowadays businesses receive most invoices digitally and have no use for expensive OCR software. However reliably extracting data from these invoices remains crucial for optimising operations.


Powered by HI (Human Intelligence)

Extractional offers the possibility to extract data from digital invoices with a known layout. All you need to do is to create one template for each vendor, once. You define your template because you know best. Our solution isn’t relying on AI but on good old human intelligence instead guaranteeing maximum accuracy and simplicity at a fraction of the cost.

Make use of your data

Once your new template is set up according to your needs, you can import invoices and start sending your invoice data to your ERP system, or any other software. You can also download your invoice data in CSV, JSON and even PEPPOL format as this format becomes more and more relevant. Indeed as of 18 April 2020 all public sector institutions and authorities in the EU have been required by law to receive PEPPOL invoices.

use data
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On premises solution

We have listened to countless entrepreneurs that were concerned about sending their data to the cloud. Our solution brings you back to the good old days of owning what you buy. Yes, that’s right, you deploy our data extraction software via Docker onto your company server and immediately enjoy all the benefits of on-prem solutions such as maximum privacy, strongest compliance and unlimited data processing.

Easy invoice submission by e-mail

One or multiple e-mail addresses can be configured and Extractional will scan them periodically for new pdf invoices. Once detected the invoices will be processed automatically and the data extracted according to your defined workflow.

multiple uses | invoices, credit notes, delivery slips

A versatile tool

Our tool has first been developed with invoices in mind. We have however quickly adapted it to be used for a series of documents that all benefit from data extraction such as delivery slips, credit notes and more.

Customisation available

We have developed our document extraction tool to suit most needs of our clients. Nevertheless, we remain open to developing and implementing tailored solutions according to your specific requirements for a fee. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require additional features and functionalities or help in integrating our tool with third-party software.

customisation of software

Take a look inside Extractional

Try our data extraction tool free of charge for 14 days. No strings attached.

Meet some of our clients

Contact us today to start your free trial and join our club of satisfied customers.

What makes us different?

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One license

Back to basics. One single license, for a fixed fee, yearly. Just focus on growing your business, not on buying credits.

Unlimited users

Buy your license and use it, company-wide, with as many users as you have employees if that’s what you need.

Unlimited templates

Your company is growing fast? Don’t worry. Create as many templates as you’d like for the ultimate scalability.

Personalized support

Take advantage of our personalized support to ensure a seamless setup and optimal use of Extractional.

Limitless simplicity.

Let’s talk about price

Aligned with our philosophy of providing simple, affordable and efficient solutions we have made the decision to offer a selection of volume packages that can adapt to your needs. No back and forth estimating usage and buying credits. And because we are feeling generous we even offer a 14-day trial, no strings attached.

Bronze package

This package includes 3000 validations.
You will get unlimited users and unlimited templates as well as support for set-up and use.
2200 yearly

Silver package

This package includes 5000 validations.
You will get unlimited users and unlimited templates as well as support for set-up and use.
3400 yearly

Gold package

This package includes 9000 validations.
You will get unlimited users and unlimited templates as well as support for set-up and use.
4500 yearly

Platinum entreprise unlimited package

Everything is included and unlimited in this package.
Unlimited validations, users and templates as well as support for set-up and use.
5500 yearly

Our Team

As both engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, our founding team has a unique perspective on how to bring value to enterprises by developing simple and cost-effective solutions.
Tom Kieffer

After studying Engineering in Germany, Tom worked for eight years at a leading international building project management company. He then took over the family construction business and went from managing the construction process to actually carrying it out. Fifteen years of operational experience have built Tom's thorough understanding of the optimisation of processes with multiple parties involved.

Renaud Kieffer

Engineer turned Entrepreneur with 15 years of International Sales & Marketing experience, Renaud managed Sales & Marketing teams throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Most recently he founded, developed, and successfully sold his automotive start-up. A proven self-starter he brings years of experience in tactical operations developing business strategies and executing go-to-market initiatives.

Dr. Manfred Münch

Manfred is a computer scientist with more than 35 years of experience in software design and development. He managed software and hardware development teams of multi-national companies in different countries around the world. Manfred has a proven track record of ground-breaking innovative software and hardware solutions and has many years of experience developing blockchain applications.

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